Harvard University Seeks Tanzanian Students.

Dr. Robin Worth and Harvard Alumna Ms. Gloria Chche address Tanzanian Students at Golden Tulip Hotel.

 On September 4, Embassy Dar es Salaam and the Tanzania Student Achievement Organization (TANSAO) hosted a program at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Dar es Salaam to promote study at Harvard University featuring a presentation to over 200 Tanzanian students and 60 parents by Dr. Robin M. Worth, the university’s Director of International Admissions. Dr. Worth visited Tanzania from September 3-9 on a recruiting program through Dar es Salaam, Moshi, and Arusha. The event was attended by Mrs. Jacqueline Lenhardt, who underscored U.S. support for education and invited students to establish high goals in pursuit of their education.

Dr. Robin Worth described Harvard’s goals to enrich its student body by attracting a higher number of Tanzanian students, including through undergraduate and graduate scholarship programs. “Welcoming Tanzanian students to Harvard increases your understanding of America and the world at large, but it also increases Americans’ understanding of Tanzania. We have been proud to welcome Tanzanians to study at Harvard and seek additional students. In spite of the competitive admission standards, there is only way you can be certain that you will not be admitted into Harvard, and it is by not applying,” said Dr. Worth.

The event included a presentation by Harvard alumna Ms. Gloria Cheche, currently working with AFRICARE, who described her life at Harvard, from the application process in Tanzania to the challenges as a student adapting to a new cultural and academic environment, and the positive impact offered by Harvard in pursuit of her professional goals in Tanzania.

Mr. Daryl Rustad, an American based in Tanzania who is director of the Tanzania Student Achievement Organization (TANSAO) thanked Dr. Worth for her visit and the American people for their consistent commitment to expand educational opportunities in Tanzania. Addressing the students, he also discussed general testing admission requirements for U.S. universities, such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the American College Testing (ACT) exams. He also invited students to register for TANSAO’s test preparation services to enhance their chances for admission into U.S. universities. The NGO provides counseling services on overseas study programs to Tanzanian students.

In his remarks, Acting Public Affairs Officer Roberto Quiroz II said opportunities offered by Harvard demonstrate the American people’s commitment to promote education in partnership with Tanzanians. “Dr. Worth’s visit demonstrates the commitment by American universities to expand the number of Tanzanians in their student bodies. It is an honor to welcome her to Tanzania and to see firsthand Harvard’s commitment to provide direct access to students in an open forum as today’s. We thank Dr. Worth and TANSAO Director Mr. Daryl Rustad for making this unique opportunity available to each of you and your parents. As Ambassador Alfonso E. Lenhardt has underscored, every Tanzanian youth must seek to earn an education. A university degree is necessary to succeed in today’s world. You have demonstrated by being here that you have it within you to aim high and succeed in pursuit of your dreams.”

Mrs. Jacqueline Lenhardt also met with parents and students following the program and offered them guidance on applying for U.S. universities. She and Mr. Quiroz joined Dr. Worth, Mr. and Mrs. Rustad, Ms. Cheche, and eight Harvard parents at a dinner that evening to discuss the university’s impact on promoting education in Tanzania.

Harvard was established in 1636. There are 44 current and former faculty members who are Nobel Laureates, and its motto is “Veritas” (Latin for “truth”).

For more Information Visit: Harvard University.


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