Deputy Public Affairs Officer, Mr. Roberto Quiroz II (right) presents Mr. Peter Charles Mwidima (left) LIFE’s 70 Years Platinum Anniversary Collection book at the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam during a recent visit.

Mr. Peter Charles Mwidima, Assistant Director of Human Resources at St. Augustine University in Mwanza, will visit the United States from October 31 through November 18 to participate in the “Challenges in Higher Education” International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP).  The program will be held in Washington D.C, and the states of Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington, Oregon, and Georgia.   

St. Augustine hosts over 500 faculty members and 14,000 students, and an American Corner which opened in 2009.  Mr. Mwidima earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from the university’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications, and previously worked as an Assistant Lecturer and Public Relations Officer.

The program will offer an overview of higher education needs and responsibilities, and the relationships between U.S. institutions and their communities.  Participants will discuss a wide range of topics, including international academic exchanges, degree equivalences, accreditation, student aid, admissions, counseling services, curriculum planning, and infrastructure development.   Mr. Mwidima noted one of his objectives is to increase support from St. Augustine University alumni to contribute towards the institution’s future.  “We seek to establish among our alumni a sense of responsibility and commitment to become stakeholders in our university’s success through their increased support, be it through financial aid or giving back of their time and talent to our current student population.”

Deputy Public Affairs Officer Roberto Quiroz II welcomed Mr. Peter Charles Mwidima to the U.S. Embassy recently and noted: “One of Ambassador Alfonso E. Lenhardt’s priorities is to promote education in Tanzania and to encourage programs ‘from Tanzanians for Tanzanians.’  Mr. Mwidima’s commitment to promote local philanthropy embodies that vision by inviting successful alumni to become role models and offer opportunities to a new generation of students.”

Mr. Mwidima will be joined by 22 participants from Afghanistan, Angola, Bhutan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Palestinian Territories, and People’s Republic of China, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Sudan, South Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela.  

The International Visitors Leadership Program is sponsored by the American people through the U.S. Department of State. It is intended to facilitate personal and professional contacts between the people of the United States and Tanzania, and is part of overall U.S. Government direct and multilateral assistance to Tanzania of over 850 billion Tanzanian shillings this fiscal year. 


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