FROM PARLIAMENT: Government to Intervene in IMTU Fee Saga to Refuse Dollar.

THE government has said it would intervene on the saga involving students of International Medical and Technological University (IMTU) in Dar es Salaam and ensure that the system of paying school fees in US dollars instead of local currency was discouraged.

This was said in the National Assembly here on Friday by the Minister of Constitutional Affairs and Justice Celina Kombani. “The government discourages local schools, colleges and universities to charge fees on foreign currency, including US dollars and we are making a close follow up on events at IMTU to see how best we can solve the problem,” she said.

She was responding to a supplementary question from Faki Haki Makame (Mtoni -CUF), who demanded to know why the government had agreed to enter into contracts which later forced poor citizens to pay for services in foreign currency instead of the local currency, citing the IMTU saga.

In his basic question, Faki Makame also demanded to know corporate social responsibility of various companies. Responding, Kombani said the government normally engaged negotiating committees before entering into a contract with different private companies that offered public services. She said the committee always went through details of the contracts in the interests of the country.


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