Mzumbe University Introduces Two MSc Programmes

Opportunities await Tanzanians and people from other developing countries, thanks to two new academic programmes which have been introduced at Mzumbe University. The two programmes, a master’s degree in Science, Development Policy and Governance for Civil Society and a master’s degree in Science, Economics and Finance for Development are run at the university in collaboration with the United Kingdom-based Bradford University.

Speaking to reporters during the launch of the programmes at Mzumbe’s Dar es Salaam Business School yesterday, Mzumbe University Vic-Chancellor Prof Joseph Kuzilwa said his university and Bradford strongly believed the MSc Economics and Finance for Development was very important for Tanzania and other developing countries. “This is because the realities of the global economic downturn have revealed that the finance sector is so critical in the world economy that it calls for its proper understanding,” Prof Kuzilwa said.

He explained that the degree would, therefore, provide missing knowledge and skills of management and analysis of economic and financial issues related to poverty reduction. “To the best of our knowledge there is no other university in the region that is offering such programmes directly related to development aspects and realities on the ground,” he explained.

He added that the two programmes had been validated by the University of Bradford and approved by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU). “The first cohort of MSc Development Policy and Governance for Civil Society commenced in March 2011 with 39 registered students and is expected to be completed in March 2011.

The second cohort of MSc Development Policy and Practice for Civil Society (with 28 registered students) and the first cohort of the MSc Economics and Finance for Development (with 109 registered students) commenced mid-November, this year,” the don noted.

While Mzumbe will be responsible for admitting the students, provision of teaching and learning facilities and academic guidance, Bradford will provide learning materials such as curriculum, access to digital library and a variety of books and journal articles and quality assurance.

Mzumbe Dar es Salaam Business College acting principal Prof Andrew Mbwambo hailed the programme, saying both academic institutions sought to disseminate quality education to as many people as possible. “This arrangement is of great benefit to the people of Tanzania and other developing nations at large,” Prof Mbwambo said.

Bradford University School of Social and International Studies associate dean Anna Mdee said cooperation between the two universities was a good example of how academic relationship could bring about international development. “I am grateful for this cooperation,” she said. The development of the curriculum of the two degrees has been made possible through the awarding of an Education Partnership in Africa (EPA) grant by the British Council.


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