For the first ten days of Spring in 2012, we’ll be inviting 40 scholarship recipients in the fields of investigative and Internet journalism, and in the production of video and the art of making it “go viral,” to Mexico: not merely to expand your communications skills and meet 80 people from many different lands but who are still a lot like you, but to study, with us, the most important knowledge that a journalist or any kind of communicator must have to be able to report on movements effectively: The strategies of civil resistance, of nonviolence, of community organizing and the dynamics by which, in a world so dominated by media, successful struggles win over public opinion and strip it away – along with the rings of support that keep unjust and despotic institutions (public and private sector, alike) with the power they use to maintain control.

Stephen Zunes, Ivan Marovic, Janet Cherry & Nathan Mpangala at the 2011 School of Authentic Journalism. D.R. 2011 Narco News.

Who are we to claim to be able to teach something so big as the ability to change history and tell its stories in ways that help bring about that change? Our names are Javier Sicilia, Janet Cherry, Jim Lawson, Paulina Gonzalez, James Wolcott, Arzu Geybullayeva, Ivan Marovic, Mercedes Osuna, Oscar Olivera, Noha Atef, and thirty more experienced change-makers and journalists, who will be your professors at this next session of the School of Authentic Journalism. I’ll tell you more about all of us in a minute. But first, let me tell you about these scholarships:

We charge no tuition. We don’t make you pay for the books and other materials we equip you with. This is not a business, please. We are not looking for people based on your ability to pay. For those scholarship recipients who otherwise would not be able to afford to come to Mexico and study these matters, with the help of our readers at Narco News, and the matching support of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, we may even pay your airfare, food and lodging, as we have done for many deserving scholarship recipients over the years. If we think you have the talent, the social conscience, the work ethic and the unconquerable will to be part of the Authentic Journalism renaissance, we won’t let economic obstacles stand in your or our way of meeting and working together.

Arzu Geybullayeva (class of 2011) returns to the School in 2012 as faculty director of the Internet Journalism workgroup. D.R. 2011 Noah Friedman-Rudovsky.

How do you get this scholarship? First, you complete an application. It is due on December 28 at 11:59 p.m. That’s four weeks from today. This is not an easy application. It has lots of questions and an essay requirement. It takes most applicants at least a couple of days to complete it and do it well. You can get this application, in English, by sending an email to 2012application@narconews.com. You may also choose to fill it out in Spanish, by sending an email to 2012solicitud@narconews.com. Open it now: It’s not your ordinary scholarship application because we seek extraordinary scholars. One of the reasons this application asks so much of you is that it filters out the lazy or those that don’t really want it. Simply completing this application is our first clue that you’re the kind of go-getter journalist or communicator that we seek.

The scholarships are open to anyone who is fluent in English or in Spanish (all sessions of the School of Authentic Journalism are translated, in both languages, as they happen). It is also open to everyone of any age, education level, nationality, faith, race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status or political tendency. We don’t ask for your Curriculum Vitae or resume: We are much more interested in how you think and work. We also ask to see some examples of your writing, blogging, webmastering, video or other media work, and try to get a sense of whether this ten-day intensive session in Mexico can help you become better, faster and more coherent – with a more strategic understanding of the dynamics of how change is made to happen – because we’re not looking for anyone who already thinks that he or she “knows it all.” Heck, we’re the professors, and we learn more every time the School of Authentic Journalism hosts another session!

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