AIESEC in SAUT Local Chapter President Mr. Heri Emmanuel (stand), open the meeting and giving the introduction to the Board of Advisor members (left) about the Agenda to discuss during the meeting. The president started to give the short history of AIESEC, what AIESEC do and How they do it.

AIESEC in SAUT Vice President Information Management (LCVP-IM), Mr. Felix Alex Massinda presenting concerning the activities and challenges facing his portfolio infront of BOA members during the meeting yesterday.

Miss Lilian Chagula,Local Chapter Vice President External Relations (LCVP-ER) AIESEC in SAUT doing her presentation, "It’s the selling team which usually markets and sells AIESEC products. We usually do marketing and selling of our products so as to continue being financially sustainable, and since we believe that we have products that immensely add value to our customers, networking at the same time developing our potentials through marketing and selling. We can compare the external relations team as the marketing and sales department in an office scenario". She said.

Miss Ines Fidelis, Local Chapter Vice President Incoming Exchange Team (LCVP-ICX) AIESEC in SAUT during the presenation about her team on responsibilities, achivements, challenges and way forward. She said "Incoming exchange is a portfolio in AIESEC that deals with the seeking of internship opportunities within country. It does this through searching opportunities from different companies whether profit or non profit organizations and creation of new projects that will require intern’s participation. Exchange is done in two categories that is GCDP (Global Community Development Program) which is a volunteering internship that does not demand the necessity of paying salary and its duration is short . GIP (Global Internship Program) which deals with professionalism that requires specific skills , the intern must be paid a monthly salary and it is long term internship".

Vice President Outgoing Exchange (LCVP-OGX), Mr. Zacharia Mswati making presentation infront of BoA, Simply Outgoing Exchange! Is an AIESEC team responsible for administering, monitoring, promoting and recruiting AIESECers and non-AIESECers for out going exchange, Is an AIESEC product that are offered to members and non-members to go abroad for either volunteering activities in companies/organization(G.C.D.P) or a professional internship in a certain company/organization(G.I.P), an Exchange Participants(EP) required to meet all the expenses including visa and fair-ticket go and return." He said.

Human Resource manager by the name Local Chapter Vice President Talent Management in AIESEC, Mr. Allan Kalisa presenting his team activities in AIESEC before the BoA. He said "Is a Human Resource Management department that function within an organization and focuses on recruitment, management, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization. Human Resource Management in Not-For-Profit organization, function in issues related to people such as, performance management, organization development, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training".

The elected Chairman of AIESEC in SAUT BoA, Mr. Kunj Bihari Dave who is Branch Manager Reliance Insurance, Mwanza giving his word of thanks for being trusted to be a Chairman of BoA. The Chair insisted on the integrity and totality, the LC should make all SAUT community as a part of AIESEC, and EB should create trust by integrity and totality, the integrity need to be sawn through financial documents.

Miss Belinda Wera, the former AIESEC in SAUT President was among of the people attended the meeting. She was so proud with the team by achieving the goal, forming the Board of Advisor for AIESEC in SAUT is a great success for the Local Chapter. Belinda is doing her internship at East Africa Community, Arusha. "i am not feeling good today, but due to the importance of this meeting i swore to be here, For all times AIESEC in SAUT was looking forward to bring BoA for the LC since 2009 but today AIESEC in SAUT's dream come true" She said.

AIESEC in SAUT Executive Board together with Board of Advisor. From front left, Lilian Chagula (LCVP-ER), Ines Fidelis (LCVP-ICX), Belinda Wera (Former LC-President) and last Brenda Ntagozera. Centre left, Allan Kalisa (LCVP-TM), Felix Alex (LCVP-IM), Erick Ifunya (Former AIESECer, BoA Member, Relationship Manager SME and Busines Banking at Barclays Bank (T) Ltd - Mwanza branch), Zacharia Mswati (LCVP-OGX), Heri Emmanuel (LC-President). Back left, Mr. Allawi S. Mdee, Business Development Officer FBME Bank LTD, Mwanza Branch, Board Member, Mr. John Lasembo invited guest and Mr. Kunj Bihari Dave who is Branch Manager Reliance Insurance, Mwanza, BoA Chairman.




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