About Us

What we do

TzCampusVibe provides a unique platform for college and University students to voice their views and offer their events happening around their campuses. It is also acts as a forum for research and application on every matters and events happening in campuses and out of campuses but concern about student issues.
It is a platform dedicated to the creation knowledge by sharing of information and ideas on the issues that face students with regards to their life styles in their campuses and during their activities throughout the learning period. Students are invited to blog their views, opinions, ideas and events that are happening around their education life in issue of economic, social, political and technological issues.

Why we publish the articles

Aim is to inform, educate and entertain students and society in general on various issues happening around Tanzania Universities and colleges. Students have platform through this blog to publish their events and activities that will contribute to the development of society.

We aim to be a leading store for sharing and expanding knowledge on appropriate information around campuses in Tanzania and the implementation processes that can make them aware about what is going on to their fellow students from different Universities and Colleges.

Who are the target readers

Higher Learning Students, organizations and any institution which relying on recruiting the best employees.


We are the upcoming effective, growing, supportable student’s blog.  We will work to generate a better future society. We will help students to educate, inform, entertain and get more out of their studies that are good for them and for others. We will inspire students to take small everyday actions that can add up to a big difference for the society and the World in general. We will develop new ways of publishing news and events about students and their learning life in general.


Creating an environment where students with energy, creativity and commitment work together to fulfill ambitious goals.


: Imperative Honesty

: Insist on Transparency

: Initiate Credibility

: Influence Responsibly

Who Contributes (Our team)

Our team consists of  professional authors who will gather, analyze and publish articles as well as sharing their thoughts and experiences with you. Nonetheless on many times you will find blog posts from guest authors who express their wish to contribute to a certain topic. If you think you have the right skills, knowledge and experience and you wish to share it with others, then you are most welcome. Send your profile to the chief editor on the email to: tzcampusvibe@gmail.com

Tanzania Campus vibe
P. o. Box 45722
Dar es Salaam
Calls: +255 713 441 892, +255 715 540 052, +255 714 126 088.
Email:  tzcampusvibe@gmail.com , Website: http://www.tzcampusvibe.wordpress.com


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